Editorial Staff
5 months ago

Editorial Staff
5 months ago

ABHTA Prepares for a Promising 2023/2024 Winter Season

Antigua and Barbuda look forward to a vibrant hotels and tourism season.

The Antigua and Barbuda Hotels & Tourism Association (ABHTA) has prepared for the upcoming season with a comprehensive analysis of nine properties from their esteemed membership. The analysis visually represents their findings, drawing comparisons to the exceptionally successful year 2019.

The island nation still has available rooms, including the soon-to-reopen 230-room Royalton Chic (formerly Halcyon) in Q2 2024, and plans to reintroduce additional rooms at Jolly Beach.

However, the Villas/Guesthouse market boasts many rooms, emphasizing the need for effective regulation, marketing support, and compliance.

The ABHTA is committed to ensuring a thriving and rewarding experience for visitors and industry stakeholders in the upcoming winter season.

They will focus on five key areas for the destination’s development: Sustainability, Authentic local experiences, Robust legislative and policy framework, A highly skilled workforce, and Economic benefits for all Antiguans and Barbudans.

Craig Marshall, Chairman of ABHTA, stressed the importance of enhancing airlift, especially from key markets like the UK, to ensure year-round success. “We’re gearing up for a promising winter 2023/2024 season,” he said.

Colin C. James, CEO of the Antigua and Barbuda Tourism Authority, revealed plans for increased service from the USA, Canada, and the Caribbean, with Silver Airways joining the network soon.

To ensure a successful season, competitive pricing is vital, given rising operational costs and the importance of strong UK Market performance supported by airlines like BA Holidays and Virgin Holidays. Cost barriers in travel may deter last-minute bookings.

However, the country is seeing an encouraging trend of earlier booking patterns, with March 2024 reservations already gaining momentum for most properties.


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