Editorial Staff
4 months ago

Editorial Staff
4 months ago

Venezuelan National Charged with Possession of Cocaine

On Wednesday, 18th October, a joint drug operation by the Police and Customs at the V.C. Bird International Airport led to the arrest of a 40-year-old Venezuelan national, Renzo Eduardo Sanoja, for possession of cocaine.

The police discovered that he had ingested 74 cocaine pellets, weighing a total of 907 grams.

To further investigate, he was taken to the Sir Lester Bird Medical Center where he was monitored and later egested the controlled substance.

The police charged him with multiple counts, including Possession of Cocaine, Importation of Cocaine, Possession with Intent to Transfer, and Being Concerned with the Supply of Cocaine.

The substance, estimated to be worth EC$63,236, was seized by the authorities.

The accused is scheduled to appear in the District “B” Court on Monday, 23rd October.


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