Editorial Staff
4 months ago

Editorial Staff
4 months ago

Venezuelan Drug ‘mule’ arrested, beaten in cell

Renzo Eduardo Sonoja, the Venezuelan national who ingested cocaine and had to seek medical attention, is at the hospital again. This time, he is nursing wounds from a severe beating in prison.

Sanoja, 40, is expected to appear in the District B Magistrate’s Court later this week on cocaine charges for having 907 grams of the illegal substance in his possession.

His appearance before Magistrate Ngaio Emanuel was delayed due to an alleged severe beating by a cellmate while in police custody.

The Royal Police Force of Antigua and Barbuda has not confirmed or refuted the claim.

On Wednesday, October 18, 2023, Sanoja was apprehended at V.C. Bird International Airport by a joint operation involving police and customs officials, according to a statement from STRATCOM regarding drug trafficking.

During the police interrogation, it was discovered that a Venezuelan national had ingested 74 cocaine pellets.

He was later transported to Sir Lester Bird Medical Center where he excreted the illegal substance.

The individual was then charged with possession, importation, possession with intent to transfer, and being concerned with the supply of cocaine. The estimated value of the seized cocaine is EC$63,236.00.

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  1. Anonymous

    That may be a paid ploy to get released from prison, hope the legal system don’t fall prey but put him back in prison in a separate cell


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