Editorial Staff
4 months ago

Editorial Staff
4 months ago

The Bolans Clinic opens today

The newly constructed health clinic in Bolans is set to open today, providing healthcare services to the local community.

Although the clinic was inaugurated a few months ago, it had to overcome several challenges before becoming operational.

The Ministry of Health had planned to address the outstanding issues last week, but the passage of Hurricane Tammy delayed the process, and the operationalization of the clinic was pushed back to this week.

However, on Monday, teams from the Ministries of Works and Health worked diligently to put the finishing touches on the facility to ensure its readiness for opening day.

The clinic is equipped with offices for two doctors, offices for nurses, examination rooms with attendant equipment, and a dental clinic.

The pharmacy is already functional, and the remaining services will be available to the public from today.

With the establishment of the Bolans clinic, the government aims to upgrade and improve the quality of healthcare services in the country, particularly in rural areas where the existing facilities have deteriorated.

The Bolans clinic is a new and improved facility compared to the previous clinic, which was housed in rental accommodations.

It is expected to cater to the healthcare needs of patients in the southern corridor of Antigua, thereby reducing the burden on the Sir Lester Bird Medical Centre.

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  1. Nice

    Happy for the people of Bolans and surrounding communities.


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