Editorial Staff
4 months ago

Editorial Staff
4 months ago

DNA suffers another resignation; with further calls for its dissolution

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Looks like the Democratic National Alliance is experiencing some serious “resignation-itis” with yet walkout- the seventh in less than a year, and the third in just a few days.

Tecla Thomas, in her resignation letter to the Deputy General Secretary of the DNA, stated that the majority voting populace of Antigua & Barbuda doesn’t seem to be on board with the party’s vision and mission.

She also pointed out that the DNA’s lackluster performance in the last two General Elections is a clear indication that the party is unable to gain traction or significant support.

Thomas is not alone in her opinion – her colleague Antony Stuart has also called for the dissolution of the DNA.

Looks like the party needs to do some serious soul-searching to get back on track!

She said she was tendering her resignation with a heavy heart, careful consideration, and deep reflection

Thomas expressed his gratitude to Joanne Massiah, the party leader, for her guidance and support.

The Democratic National Alliance (DNA) party has recently experienced a series of resignations, including Chaneil Imhoff who vied for the St Peters constituency during the January 18 elections, and Avoy Knight, a candidate for All Saints East and St Luke.

Imhoff and Knight submitted their resignation letters on the 24th and 25th, respectively.

This marks the sixth departure from the party within a year, following the resignations of Kelton Dalso, who was scheduled to contest the St. George constituency, and DNA Secretary General and candidate for the St John’s City West constituency, Gatesworth James, in November 2022.

In addition, former President and DNA candidate for St John’s Rural West, Malaka Parker, and former DNA First Vice-President Bruce Goodwin, chose to step down in October 2022.


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