Editorial Staff
4 months ago

Editorial Staff
4 months ago

First judge-only murder trial to begin today

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By Zaya Williams


Today, Monday, Antigua and Barbuda will be having its very first judge-only murder trial.

The accused in this case is Jeffrey Daniel, a man accused of killing 56-year-old David Roberts in 2021.

It is alleged that on May 21 of that year, an altercation ensued between Daniel and Roberts, who were known to each other.

The body of the older man was later found in the vicinity of his home with what appeared to be injuries.

A doctor pronounced Roberts dead at 9.05 am that day.

In the Magistrate’s Court, Daniel’s lawyer, Wendel Robinson, claimed that his client also sustained injuries to his body during the alleged altercation.

In May 2022, the Cassada Gardens resident pleaded not guilty to the murder charge and was to be tried later that year but instead, the hearing will begin on Monday before Justice Tunde Bakre.

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  1. Steven C. Mayers

    The judge will probably find him guilty of “In the heat of passion killing” called Voluntary Manslaughter. However, going to the victim’s home after a recent altercation, may indicate intent.
    Of course, with the Evil that seems rampant nowadays, if both he and the judge belong to the “Masonic Lodge” or any other “secret society”, he will get away Scott free, because most of the judges of today, who belong to these cults, make “Oaths” to the organization which they prioritize above their “oath of office” that they made to Almigighty God and the propulsion.
    Also, it is an unhealthy idea to have one single Judge decide a case of such gravity, with “Terminal” or “Life Changing” consequences.
    A Tribual (three judges – yes) or a jury of his peers, at least 6. But a murder trial with one judge. Any sort of conviction should automatically be APPEALED, because a murder trial with one judge is, or should be unconstitutional.
    Antiguans BEWARE, any acceptance of this trial system and its results, will lead to a PRECEDENT that will be used by criminal politicians and people with influence or money in the future.
    This should generate serious PROTEST before the precedent is allowed to be set.
    It could also be used to persecute those of us who do not belong to the “cults”.
    If we want Almighty God to Bless our Legal Systems, this cannot be one of them.
    Imagine for a moment. You do not belong to the Lodge or cult whatever you call it.
    You are being wrongfully accused of murder. (It is called “set up”).
    Your accuser/s belong to the lodge lodge or cult.
    The judge also belongs to the lodge or cult.
    False witnesses (who belong to the lodge or cult). appear to testify.
    What do you think would be your fate.??????
    Stop it now , while we have time. No judge is perfect or impenetrable to UNJUST INFLUENCE.
    Perhaps the judge does not even belong to the lodge, but has been secretly lusting after your beautiful wife. Now he sees an opportunity to put you away for a while at least, while he satisfies his illicit appetite.
    WAKE UP ANTIGUA. Our Judicial System is nothing to play with.


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