Editorial Staff
4 months ago

Editorial Staff
4 months ago

New details emerge in Jeffrey Daniel murder trial

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By Zaya Williams


The first day of the murder trial featuring Jeffrey Daniel unveiled significant details, providing clarity to what had once been a murky incident on May 21, 2021.

On Thursday, the courtroom heard testimony from five witnesses, including the wife and stepdaughter of the deceased, David Roberts. They shed light on the alleged events surrounding Roberts’ tragic demise.

Jessica Roberts, the wife, presented her account of what transpired on the day. She testified that Daniel, her daughter’s ex-boyfriend, had been explicitly warned not to return to their Newfield residence following a trespassing incident on May 16, 2021. Despite the warning, Daniel reappeared a few days later, and David was alerted to his presence by his stepdaughter.

According to her testimony, David confronted Daniel outside, leading to a scuffle where she heard the sounds of a weapon striking.

Upon investigating, she witnessed Daniel holding a cutlass, which he subsequently dropped before proceeding to their water tank to clean blood from his head. Her husband was nowhere to be seen at that point, and she contacted the police, shared her account, and directed them to the weapon.

She returned to her bed to await her husband’s return, but when he failed to reappear, she embarked on a search the following morning. Tragically, she discovered David down the road, lifeless in his work garage.

The deceased’s stepdaughter, Jahmina Jackson, also testified, providing her recollection of the events.

She clarified that her relationship with Daniel had ended three years before the incident, and claimed to not recall if she had not had any communication or involvement with him since.

On the day of her stepfather’s murder, she reported hearing the shattering of glass and the sound of David’s car alarm. She promptly relayed this information to David, who grabbed his cutlass and rushed outside.

A confrontation between him and Daniel ensued, with Jackson overhearing their exchange. She explained that she only heard commotion, and after the altercation, she observed Daniel washing his hands and face.

Following these critical testimonies, the court heard from three additional witnesses. The trial was adjourned and is scheduled to continue today.

Jeffrey Daniel is represented by attorneys Wendel Robinson and Wayne Marsh, who are scrutinizing the witnesses’ statements to strengthen their defence.

The trial is expected to unfold over the next few days.


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