Editorial Staff
4 months ago

Editorial Staff
4 months ago

Education Minister Daryll Matthew’s Independence Day Message

Education Minister Daryll Matthew

On November 1st, 2023, Antigua and Barbuda will mark its 42nd year of political independence, and it is with great joy and pride that we celebrate this remarkable milestone. Over the years, our nation has flourished and evolved into one of the world’s finest emerging small nations, thanks to the unwavering determination and collective efforts of our citizens.

Antigua and Barbuda has become renowned for producing exceptional individuals, organizations, and products across various fields, including Politics, Arts and Entertainment, Education, Sports, Agriculture, Tourism, Health, and Security. Our nation’s achievements are a testament to the resilience and talent of our people, and we take immense pride in their accomplishments.

As we commemorate this 42nd celebration, we embrace our growing multicultural society and recognize the invaluable contributions of our brothers and sisters from diverse ethnic backgrounds and religions. It is through this spirit of inclusivity and understanding that our society continues to thrive, fostering a rich tapestry of cultures and ideas.

We stand on the shoulders of great men and women who have laid the foundation for our success.

Their legacy serves as a constant reminder of our duty to strive for excellence and to pursue economic, human, and social development through a multifaceted approach. It is our responsibility to nurture and empower our people, ensuring that future generations inherit a nation that is strong, prosperous, and united.

Antigua and Barbuda’s journey towards progress and prosperity is an ongoing endeavor, requiring our collective commitment and dedication.

Together, we will shape the future of our beloved our twin isle nation, building upon the achievements of the past and embracing the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead.

As we celebrate our independence, let us reflect on the remarkable journey of the past 42 years and renew our resolve to work tirelessly towards the betterment of our nation. Together, we will continue to create a legacy that future generations will be proud of.


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