Editorial Staff
4 months ago

Editorial Staff
4 months ago

Sir Steadroy Cutie Benjamin Knighted

Sir Steadroy Cutie Benjamin

Antigua and Barbuda’s Attorney General, Steadroy Benjamin, was knighted on Independence Day, despite facing opposition.

The knighthood was awarded on the 42nd anniversary of the country’s independence, recognizing his significant contributions to law, politics, sports, and culture.

As a lawyer, Minister of Justice, and Attorney General, Benjamin has profoundly impacted the nation’s legal system, passing important legislation that has positively impacted the country’s development.

He has also been a champion of workers’ rights and fair compensation, presiding over increases in the minimum wage, making Antigua and Barbuda one of the Caribbean’s highest-paying nations.

Benjamin’s commitment to sports is also noteworthy, having served as president of the Antigua and Barbuda Athletics Association (ABAA) and sponsoring sports teams in basketball, football, and cricket.

He is also a passionate supporter of the calypso and steelband movements, contributing to the nation’s cultural heritage.

The knighthood was well-deserved, and the Cabinet commends Benjamin’s constituents in St. John’s City South for recommending him to the National Honours Committee.

Benjamin’s nearly forty-year tenure in Parliament is also noteworthy, with only two other individuals having served longer terms.


  1. Mae

    I thought the minimum wage was draft by the UPP administration before they leave office. How many non-nationals he gave birth certificate claiming they were born in Antigua?? A lot of them have a copy of Antigua and Barbuda birth certificate in their possession. A lot of non-nationals, who are now living in America, Canada and England received a lot of help from him to gain our Antigua and Barbuda citizenship.

  2. Anonymous National



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