Editorial Staff
4 months ago

Editorial Staff
4 months ago

Five Islands Need Water Too

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Residents of the village of 5 Islands have every reason to be much aggrieved with the water situation.  In a good week, we may get water once.  In recent times, we have gone for three (3) consecutive weekends without a drop of water.  How are parents supposed to wash school uniforms and do the myriad of other things which require running water?

APUA must have the absolute worst communications team anywhere in A&B.  Throughout this fiasco, they continue to publish water schedules which are not worth the paper on which they are printed. 

One would think that doubling as minister in charge of both Communications and APUA, that even if we do not get the service for which we are paying, there would at least be some explanation (lame though it may be) as to why they have not been following the published schedule. 

I called 211 to find out if there was an end in sight to this catastrophe, and I was told that a pump was out of service, and that has negatively impacted water delivery to the village.  Why should I have to call 211 to get that information?

The Prime Minister, on his weekend radio show, blasted the management of APUA for the perpetuation of the water situation. 

Every syllable was richly deserved.  But why did he stop at the management of the organisation?  Is that to suggest that the Minister and Board of Directors are without blame?  Far from it!!  If anything, they should all be doing us a favour by falling on their swords.

During the past two (2) days, we have seen a bunch of characters who will be fighting to ‘represent’ us whenever the next general elections will be held. 

They have sprouted all the wonderful programs they plan to implement in the constituency – that is, everything except regular, running water.  Not a single one of the prospective candidates have mentioned the deplorable water situation and how they plan to address the problem.

A sitting Member of Parliament was knighted for his performance at APUA; managerial employment contracts have been perennially renewed; millions of dollars, it is claimed, have been poured into the water system; yet, the net result is water once per week (in a good week).

In 2023, the residents of 5 Islands should not feel lucky when we receive pipe-borne water once in a week.  We deserve better!!


  1. Mae

    The entire water department in APUA need a total revamping. They keep hiring their political friends and cronies that has no knowledge of carrying out proper water operations. Not even training has help them to improve the service to the people of Antigua and Barbuda.

  2. Teacher for Life

    This is 2023 and A&B has water issues. Come on now. Practically everyone has flush toilets and indoor showers so how are we to use them without running water? Why are we still being subjected to catching rain water and taking throw up baths in this day and time? And APUA still demands payment for the air that does flow from it’s pipes. Gaston and his cronies should be ashamed.

    • Teacher for Life



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