Editorial Staff
4 months ago

Editorial Staff
4 months ago

Prominent businessman’s (deceased) daughter ordered to pay 22K compensation to ex-girlfriend

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By Zaya Williams

The family of Jennifer George-John handed $22,000 in cash to her former partner in court yesterday to fulfill restitution mandated by the court.

George-John,the daughter of renowned businessman, the late Cecil George-John had to pay her ex-girlfriend for significant damages done to her car in a fight and expenses she incurred as a result.

The accused damaged the woman’s car in an incident that unfolded on December 18, 2020, when Jennifer George-John and her ex-girlfriend got into heated argument.

The disagreement quickly escalated, resulting in George-John’s alarming actions.

She purportedly threw a brick into her ex-girlfriend’s vehicle, only to then intentionally collide her own vehicle with the woman’s car.

The accused is denied the allegation of malicious damage and stood trial in the High Court.

In the end Justice Ann Marie Smith found her guilty and sent her to prison for a few days.

Earlier today she was ordered to pay the victim $22,000 and pay a fine to the court in the sum of $2000.

Her family offered to pay the money forthwith and the judge allowed them to give the cash to the victim who then counted it in court and certified that she received it before the judge.


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