Editorial Staff
3 months ago

Editorial Staff
3 months ago

New Barbuda airport almost done, says PM

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The Barbuda airport project is almost complete, as confirmed by Prime Minister Gaston Browne in a recent discussion with state media.

Following his tour of the facilities, Browne expressed his optimism about the project’s timely completion, with only one final step remaining before the airport becomes operational.

He further stated that the survey process will be expedited, and the airport is expected to be ready to open for traffic by the end of this month or the first week of December at the latest.

The opening of the airport coincides with the Barbuda Ocean Club project and the commencement of the winter tourism season on Barbuda.

Browne emphasized the importance of operationalizing the airport to accommodate the expected 200 guests on Barbuda in December and the government’s dedication to ensuring the airport opens as soon as possible.

As of now, the government has yet to decide on a suitable name for the airport.

In a legal battle to demonstrate that government agencies, particularly the Development Control Authority (DCA), acted unlawfully when granting permits for the new airport runway on Barbuda, Jacklyn Frank and John Mussington are leading the charge.

They accuse the agencies of failing to comply with regulations, including but not limited to, failure to complete required environmental impact assessments (EIAs), submitting incomplete proposed plans, not receiving Barbuda Council approval of the proposed plans, and instances where the government ignored its own reports of risk to the island.

To proceed with the case, the lawyers representing Frank and Mussington must first persuade Privy Council judges that they have the right to challenge the government’s actions in court, arguing that they are directly impacted by the development. A verdict is expected in the coming weeks.

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  1. Johnny

    I would love to see some pictures of the new airport terminal in Barbuda. The PM always running off his donkey mouth and not giving the public the proof. Remember your government love to produce shell buildings and called them almost near to completion. I thought you are going to be different from the other labor party leaders in the past. Give us the proof.


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