Editorial Staff
3 months ago

Editorial Staff
3 months ago

Salvation Army launches Christmas Kettle 2023

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The Salvation Army has begun its annual Christmas Kettle drive, with members stationed at popular supermarkets to collect donations from the public.

The target for this year’s fundraiser is $170,000, according to District Officer Major Raymoncil Pierre, who heads the Antigua and Barbuda branch of the Salvation Army.

Last year’s goal was $160,000, but the actual collection exceeded expectations, raising $205,000.

The funds raised will support those in need, a cause that the Salvation Army is deeply committed to.

CIBC First Caribbean Bank has already made a significant contribution of $5,000, but the bank’s branch manager, Dawn Soleyn, issued a challenge to the public to donate $5 per family member or the total amount of family members, such as $25 for a family of five.

This donation will go a long way in helping those less fortunate in the community. The launch of the 2023 Salvation Army Christmas kettle happened last Friday, with Board members, including Senator Shawn Nicholas and Secretary Valerie Gonsalves-Barreiro, in attendance.

The theme for this year’s fundraiser is “Support the cause and keep hope alive.”


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