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The Ministry of Tourism is issuing a call for nominations for deserving individuals who have exemplified excellence in the execution of their duties in various fields of the hospitality industry. The Ministry will once again partner with the Antigua Hotels and Tourist Association and the Antigua and Barbuda Tourism Authority to host the 2023 Tourism Awards Gala, dubbed “Diamonds: The Crowned Gems.”

There are five distinct categories that have been added by the Ministry of Tourism to the list of awards to be distributed on the night of December 9th at Casa Palmadita in Fitches Creek. An official call is being made to hospitality industry organizations and customer service-centric businesses to field nominees for the various categories, which are:

Transportation Service Provider of the Year – All local hospitality transportation service organizations can field a nominee for this award.

Tour Guide of the Year – Land and sea-based tour/excursion companies can field a nominee for this award.

Port Frontline Employee of the Year – employees from the Antigua and Barbuda Customs and Excise Division, Antigua Cruise Ports, the Immigration Department and the St. John’s Development Corporation can be nominated for this award.

Hospitality Hero of the Year – This category welcomes participants from various hospitality domains, such as Retail store operators (Vendors), Cruise and Yachting, Entertainment, and Spa Operations.

Excellence in Tourism Operations – This category welcomes participants from various hospitality domains, such as Hotel Operations, Retail, Cruise and Yachting. This category specifically acknowledges those in line positions, encompassing roles such as line cooks, maintenance personnel, laundry operations staff, security professionals, engineers, crew members, and members of the office administrative team.

Nominations must be made on or before November 22nd, 2023. Please email nominations (Name, Organization, Job Title, Nomination Category and Photo) to tourismweekanubar@gmail.com or contact Ms. Shay Savory at 468-4083.

The Tourism Awards Gala forms part of the 2023 Tourism Week of Activities which will run from December 3rd to 9th.


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