Editorial Staff
3 months ago

Editorial Staff
3 months ago

Suella Braveman sacked as UK Home Secretary

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By Mick the Ram


Home Secretary Suella Braverman has been sacked from her position following events over the past week, in which she defied Downing Street with regards to a newspaper article published in her name, accusing the Metropolitan Police of bias in the policing of protests, specifically the pro-Palestine marches of the Armistice weekend.

James Cleverly has taken her position as the new Home Office, and in a surprise move, former Prime Minister David Cameron has stepped into Mr Cleverly’s shoes and taken on the role as Foreign Secretary.

Reacting to her dismissal Mrs Braverman released a very brief statement which she said that serving as Home Secretary was “the greatest privilege”before stating: “I will have more to say in due course” leading many to speculate that she may become something of a problem for the Prime Minister, Rishi Sunak.

Stoking tension with attack on police

Since her elevation to Home Secretary by another former PM, Liz Truss, Mrs Braverman has been seen as a standard bearer for the right in the Conservative Party. She was accused of “stoking tension” in the lead up to last weekend, by accusing the police of applying a “double standard”, by taking a tougher stance with right-wing demonstrations.

Initially she sparked a debate when speaking after a government emergency meeting over the crisis in Gaza. She turned on the pro-Palestinian demonstrators amid rows over whether their chants amounted to antisemitic attacks.

“There’s only one way to describe those marches: they are hate marches,” she said at the time, but it is by repeating that phrase in an article for the Times on 8 November, that really stirred things up. She wrote that the police were “playing favourites” and were using stronger tactics against some protestors than those used against others.

She likened the marches being carried out by “pro-Palestinian mobs” to scenes of those previously witnessed in Northern Ireland, calling them “disturbingly reminiscent”.

Accusations of irresponsibly creating divisions

Following this there were strong accusations that this amounted to political interference of independent policing, which is classed as an absolute red line which ministers categorically cannot cross, under British laws.

Her comments were condemned by former police officers, MPs and the opposition parties, with the shadow home secretary Yvette Cooper suggesting she was “deliberately creating division” and that her actions were “highly irresponsible”, likely to inflame tensions and make the job of the police significantly more difficult.

It also emerged that she had in fact defied a request from Number Ten to tone down the article and choose a more acceptable terminology.

Repeat performance

Although serious trouble was averted, there were clashes, some ugly, and she paid the ultimate price for speaking her mind, when she was removed from her job at the conclusion of the remembrance weekend.

This is actually the second time Mrs Braverman has been removed as the home secretary. She was forced to resign when in the role under Mrs Truss, after it was revealed she had shared confidential cabinet papers with long-time ally Tory MP Sir John Hayes.

Never far from controversy

She has sparked controversy in the past with other comments. She recently remarked that some people living on the streets were doing so as “a lifestyle choice” and she had previously grabbed headlines with provocative comments when saying Britain faces an “invasion” of migrants.

No surprise if stands for Tory top job in future

Sir Jacob Rees-Mogg called Mrs Braverman’s sacking “a mistake” that will hit the Conservatives’ chances of winning the next general election.

Mrs Braverman has made no secret of the fact that she has ambitions to be the next Tory leader, she put her name in the hat to replace Boris Johnson last year, and although voted out she retains a lot of support on the right of the party.


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