Editorial Staff
3 months ago

Editorial Staff
3 months ago

The Barbuda Ocean Project almost 50 percent completed

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By Aabigayle McIntosh

Prime Minister Gaston Browne has given his nod of approval to developments on the Barbuda Ocean Club Project which is pegged to position the sister isle within the tourism market.

The development includes 900 acres of the Palmetto and Coco Points on Barbuda and already boasts several holes of an 18-hole Tom Fazio Gold Course.

It is owned and operated by the Discovery Land Company otherwise called the PLH Barbuda Limited.

“I am extremely satisfied this is a great story of resilience in which a country that was decimated by Hurricane Irma in 2017 has actually bounced forward to become one of the most luxury destinations in the Caribbean,” Browne said.


He toured the facilities on Friday leading a delegation that included Barbuda Affairs Minister EP Chet Greene, and Housing Minister Maria Browne.

PM Browne also stated that despite the many legal wranglings he is of the strong belief that the project is sound and will reap many benefits for Antigua and Barbuda.

“The PLH Coco Point Development is almost fully built out, probably about 50 percent fully built out with a number of luxury homes, villas, and apartments, and my understanding is this Christmas they will be hosting about 200 high network individuals.

“You can imagine the spend and the ABST that we will earn the other taxes including airport taxes. So, it shows that our vision to transform Barbuda into a luxury destination, one that is green and organic is definitely working,”


The nation’s leader also hinted that another project is on the horizon for the island.

“Within the next seven to 10 days there will be an announcement of yet another luxury resort on Barbuda. So, we are tracking investments and so far, we have five, or four luxury resorts which means residents on Barbuda can earn a premium compared to their counterparts, Browne said.

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  1. ‘Disapointed’ with the continued Propaganda

    A Perspective of recent happenings from Barbuda that even a blind shrimp from ‘Dark Cave’ can read. First, Discovery Land Company and PLH bring NOTHING good for Barbudan people. They are in trouble in all of their other sites around the world. From USA to Scotland. Activism against their underhand ways is gaining traction fast. They are using the same propaganda playbook, buying puppet politicians and local Councils and riding rough shot over local people and economies. Handing out crumbs to make billions whilst the weak hang on to their coat tails hoping for a mil or two, it’s a disgraceful attempt to advance an agenda of money whilst decimating local people, environment and culture.

    Let us just review the last week in this unfunny pantomime. First, Dorset admits to Law Lords at Privy Council that construction of Barbudan Private Air Strip, (whilst representing the AG and DCA) , may have skipped a few steps ( ie: fundamental legal requirements) please watch before commenting) with an argument that ‘it’s a ‘moot point, it’s already built so what you gonna do’ which was labeled by Lord Leggard as ‘the least attractive argument he has ever heard’. ( It did NOT sit well with the Law Lords). Then a wholly more sensible attorney tries to take over (valiantly, considering the argument was doomed) to defend ABAA and GOAB against the PLH Private Air Strip build by citing a technicality and narrow interpretation that implied citizens can not challenge a Governments possible illegal development (or that which they puppet for developers DLC / PLH ) because they (citizens) are not a professional ‘Body’ of experts and have no ‘standing’ (right to do so).

    Note: GOAB do not deny ignoring their own laws, Barbuda-laws, let alone an obligation, lawful
    or moral, to consult the Barbuda people, or to international agreements GOAB have signed with obligation to adhere to. And then then PM openly says on his radio show it is DLC/PLH who are pushing things and apparently running the bigger show….and they (DLC/PLH) can recommend the required consultants on behalf of GOAB ABAA to epidite the job at a fifth of the price and quicker than previously quoted by a reputable ABAA solution. This proposed scenario results in a ‘NO’ by CEO of ABAA to pushing through a compromised plan to hurry the opening of Airstrip to accommodate their 200 high net worth clientele / prospective purchasers. Ironically this push could possibly usurp a loan for 100 million which she (ABAA CEO) put together for ABAA and GOAB. A quick resignation confirming this ‘NO’ confirms her integrity, to protocol, law and good practices.

    All this is in the context that last week the Law Lords of the Privy Council indicate should things disintegrate further for GOAB in the case of ‘Judicial Review’ (soon to follow) that a possible outcome from the Apex Court, should it eventually return to them, could be the dismantling of said airstrip ! Again, watch the proceedings on -line. The win for ‘Standing’ will open up a plethora of litigation against everything DLC/PLH, and investors will run for the hills as the ensuing tidal wave washes away their low lying projects away. Early investors may loose all.

    And so what do DLC/PLH/GOAB do to placate this horrifying scenario …..
    Well … DLC/PLH insist and GOAB jump to disrespect their (Law Lords) sentiments by pushing forward the timeline to complete the operational viability of the private airstrip. Presumably hoping to sell phase two of bad idea for Barbuda ‘Palmetto Point’ to unsuspecting high net worth purchasers at Christmas and asap. For the unaware ‘Palmetto Point’ is a project set over an aquifer on a wetland which is a disater of biblical proportion awaiting the next serious Hurricane. And as DLC/PLH mow down and burn the dug up wetlands and mangroves by 100’s of acres for a golf course and real estate , they smirk at their not so secret plan of joining leases to make a masterplan of apartheid. The Barbuda Ocean Club is a concrete monstrositie already labeled as the ‘Lobster Pots’ by locals who know the first storm of consequence will wash this nonsense into a new breeding ground for our spiny delicacy. They are locking the locals out, and rubbing their soft hands together as they eye the Codrington lagoon (an internationally recognized and protected site) and the most significant salt pond in the region, for Marinas and several casinos and the obligatory real estate, destroying reefs, fishing and hunting, our food security, and several eco systems that bind the environment (literally) together. A kind of ‘Final Solution’ for a people and culture inconvenient to money worshippers.

    Then, to add to the reality horror, perversely, concurrently, they (GOAB) hold out a hand to G7 plus in the name of ‘Climate Change’ ‘SIDS’ for a NOAHS ARK of relief monies. This IS as ridiculous as it sounds.

    One can not continue this duality without excepting a simultaneous parallel reality exists. This is not about a political party and certainly not a Government of the people. A cult is usually run by a megalomaniac who is delusional in believing he is king, and to explain mad action, ‘we must break a few eggs to make an omelette’, The reality is plain, there is ‘a bull in a china shop trying to find and smash open the cash register’. Authoritative in style is both an understatement and overstatement, for a puppet to those (billionaires) who rely on him to manifest their ‘Worlds’ is in control of NOTHING. With propaganda such as the above article desperation is palpable. Economic Terrorism is REAL.

    ‘Critical thinking’ should be a welcome practice and not an ‘alien invasion’. Our ‘HOME’ is a place we love and reside, not a destination for the rich and wealthy to exploit natural resources we have nurtured for centuries. That time of human and natural exploitation has passed from Barbuda beginning with emancipation and a move towards self determination in a self sustainable manor. Barbuda is and has always been light years ahead in many respects. Jealousy is a indeed a bitch wearing a tight tshirt and pouting chest.

    If these political puppets like the imperialist system they worship then perhaps it’s their time to go and enjoy that existence wherever it is, but in your obvious unravel we watch in disgust at the desperate death roll playing out over here.

    To the complete misunderstanding of your supporters we consider ourselves already rich in ways you will never understand. The land is our reperations, our connection to God and nature is our leader and comfort. Barbuda is already a sustainable Garden of Eden. We have our own plans which start with ‘live within our means’ and be an example to the world for sustainability, resilience and continue with ‘HIS’ plan, not yours or theirs. AMEN.


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