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No emblems launch for disabled parking

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By Aabigayle McIntosh

The Traffic Department will be taking a hardline stance against violators as it seeks to forge a partnership with officials at the Antigua and Barbuda Transport Board to fully enforce the legislation that gives authorities the autonomy to create designated parking spaces for the disabled in the Capital St John’s.

The act was passed in Parliament back in January and the parking spaces in key areas. Head of the Traffic Department Superintendent Elson Quammie told State TV yesterday that law enforcers have spent the last few months educating members of the public.

He said they are now ready to fully implement the law and full participation will be needed to avoid a hefty fine.

“A person should not stop or park in areas designated for disabled parking unless they have a disabled emblem clearly visible in their vehicles. A person who fails to comply commits an offense and is liable on summary conviction to a fine of $500.00 or six months in prison.

“It will be a no-nonsense thing for the police, we are going to make some money. If you fail to obey the law the wrecker service will remove your vehicle, its 400 from the city to the motor pool, and once it arrives at the motor pool it’s $50, and every day after is $10 per day,” the senior officer warned.


He stated further that,” For the New Year hopefully I will be making some recommendations to get some clamps, so if you park in the disabled spot we will clamp your vehicle, you will have to pay to remove the clamp, you will still get a ticket and where possible we may sill take your vehicle to the motor pool,” the officer warned.

Project Officer for the Transport Board, Sherrylaine Bowens spoke about the introduction of disabled emblems which are now available at the department’s office.

“The Permanent emblems are renewed every year and I am encouraging all in that category to come in because those purchasing now will get an extra month free as they expire in December 2024,” she said.

The emblem for the permanently disabled will cost $175 and will last 12 months and the other for the temporarily disabled will cost $120 and will be valid for six months.

Bowens also discouraged individuals from using the emblems to “go joyriding” and parking in disabled spaces without certification of a disability or transporting a disabled person.


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