Editorial Staff
3 months ago

Editorial Staff
3 months ago

PM Browne praises APUA workers for improving water situation.

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The Prime Minister of the nation, Gaston Browne, has given a reassuring statement that the country’s ongoing water supply issues will be resolved within a month.

Speaking in Parliament on Tuesday, Browne informed that significant progress has been made in the water supply situation since certain changes were implemented at the Antigua Public Utilities Authority (APUA).

The Prime Minister praised the workforce of APUA, particularly those working in the Water Business Unit, for their diligent efforts in addressing the issue.

Prime Minister had earlier expressed concerns over the politicizing of the water supply situation in the country and criticized the Water Unit in APUA.

The valve was shut off in the St Mary’s South constituency even on the eve of the recently held by-election, leading to the Prime Minister’s intervention in the situation with the help of the police.

The General Manager of APUA, Esworth Martin, was sent on retirement leave by the Cabinet because the government, especially the Prime Minister, believed that he could not bring about the necessary changes required in the country’s sole water company.

In the meantime, the Minister responsible for APUA, Melford Nicholas, is in talks with various entities, both local and regional, to provide Reverse Osmosis (RO) water within the next four to six months, which should meet the complete water requirements of the people.

The Prime Minister also updated the Opposition Leader, Jamale Pringle, on the loan the Government had received to improve products and services at APUA.

He informed that out of the just over $100 million borrowed from ACB Caribbean, over $50 million has already been spent on upgrading Internet services, while the remainder will be utilized for other projects, including the re-piping of water distribution throughout the island.

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  1. Teacher for Life

    We are watching!! It’s 2023 and we should be able to turn on our faucets at any time and have water flowing from them. Gone should be the days of throw up baths and catching rain water. We are watching!!


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