Editorial Staff
3 months ago

Editorial Staff
3 months ago

Antigua and Barbuda ranks second in Caribbean for highest-paying country

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By Zaya Williams


Antigua and Barbuda has secured the second spot in the Caribbean for being the second-highest paying country, according to the Caribbean Society for Human Resource Professionals’ (CSHRP) PayPulse 2023 report.

The survey, presented at the Export-Import Bank of Jamaica, highlighted Barbados as the highest-paying country, with 53.3% of surveyed jobs exceeding market value.

 Antigua and Barbuda claimed 16.7% of jobs paying above market value, securing the second position, while Jamaica followed with 13.3%.

St Vincent and the Grenadines ranked as the lowest-paying country, with 73.3% of salaries falling below the regional average.

The comprehensive PayPulse 2023 report, collaboratively compiled by 117 companies across 15 countries, provides crucial salary information in the Caribbean, addressing a significant data gap.

CSHRP CEO Rochelle James emphasized the importance of regional data for effective storytelling and announced the commitment to an annual survey release each November.

The report’s insights, the challenges in hiring financial analysts and middle-management positions, contribute to a better understanding of the regional workforce.

CSHRP, a leading organization dedicated to advancing human resource practices in the Caribbean, aims to foster positive working relationships and enhance work practices in the region.


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