Editorial Staff
3 months ago

Editorial Staff
3 months ago

SDA Students Got Books Signed by PM Browne

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When the students from Seventh Day Adventist Primary School arrived at Parliament this week, they had no idea what awaited them.

As the students explored the inner workings of Parliament, they were amazed by all they saw and heard. But their real surprise was yet to come.

When they made a special request to meet Prime Minister Gaston Browne and have their books autographed, they never expected what happened next.

Despite his busy schedule, the Prime Minister was happy to oblige. As the students gathered around him, their eyes shining with excitement, he signed each and every one of their books.

The atmosphere was electric, as the students reveled in the attention of the Prime Minister and the thrill of the moment. For Prime Minister Browne, it was a joy to see the enthusiasm of the students.

And for the students, it was an unforgettable experience they would never forget.

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  1. Jerry Stevens

    This reporting is inaccurate .
    At the end of the session the students were competing to get the most signatures.
    All the parliamentarians from the opposition signed the books .
    We shouldn’t politicize sutch experiences because it’s the students who matters


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