Editorial Staff
3 months ago

Editorial Staff
3 months ago

WATCH: Demonic Possessed Woman Says Satanic Altars Set Up All Over Antigua

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An unimaginable horror unfolded during a recent church event in Antigua and Barbuda.

A woman appeared to be possessed by the most malevolent of demonic forces, causing a ripple of fear and disbelief to spread through the congregation.

As the pastors tried to coax the woman out of her trance, she revealed to them the existence of numerous demonic altars that had been set up throughout the country with the sole intent of causing harm to individuals.

The woman’s voice shook with fear as she named several specific communities where these altars were located, including Liberta, Sweetes, Grays Farm, and Parham.

The pastor, from Life by Faith Ministries in St Vincent and the Grenadines knew they had to act quickly.

Despite the perilous situation, they bravely attempted to perform a deliverance on the woman to release her from the demonic possession.

The incident has caused a deep sense of concern and unease among the local residents, who now question the presence and influence of these malevolent forces in their communities.


  1. Bobcat Bill

    Yo hashakak karand batanga fucq is fuckry.Talking in tongues
    Y’all just want people funking money. Antigua people nah bother wid dem ra*s, Christmas ah come dem ah look money and sensationalism. De womanhood so false and the Vincy man. If he so good wha mek he nah just walk wid peolle like Lovell, Pringle, Untruth and the devil, Satan himself, Serpent and just mek arwe lone. Arwe pon one next level just a wait fu Christmas come een fu hab one good time and you come talk inna tongues fu get arwe money. One Nation Concert an so. Arwe go nice up arwe self and start de year right. Just low arwe an tap you fu*k about bragadam buif bumbam.

    • Winston Christian

      Wha happen to Potters?

      • Anonymous


  2. Naturalist

    We spoke to someone that he supposedly cast out demons from and it’s 5000 dollars broad dollar note he charged and said that he is not casting out any demons for free.


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