Editorial Staff
3 months ago

Editorial Staff
3 months ago

Private Practitioners Accused of Underreporting of HIV/AIDS Statistics

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Deputy AIDS Programme Manager Oswald Hannays

The inconsistency of HIV/AIDS figures recorded by private physicians has raised concerns again at the AIDS Secretariat.

Oswald Hannays, Deputy Programme Manager at the AIDS Secretariat, emphasized the significance of data from private practices to report accurate statistics.

Confidentiality is protected by private laboratories and physicians, but Hannays asserted that age and sex information should not breach confidentiality.

Hannays explained that they do not aim to identify who is infected and under care and treatment. Hannays announced that nearly 1,000 people are living with HIV/AIDS in the country while speaking on state media on Monday.

The first case of HIV/AIDS was recorded in Antigua and Barbuda in 1985, and as of 2022, 1,390 people have been affected. Around 965 people are said to be living with the virus, with 65 percent of the subset accessing treatment.

HIV/AIDS related incidents have resulted in over 400 deaths so far. The Secretariat continues to increase public awareness and promote its mandate.

World AIDS Day will be observed on Friday, and the Secretariat will organize a mini street fair in front of its office with a few partners as part of its awareness campaign.

Hannays appealed to motorists and pedestrians alike to take prevention commodities when staff members ask them to stop. The PREP initiative will be launched on December 1, throughout the entire OECS.

Deputy AIDS Programme Manager Oswald Hannays

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  1. Mae

    That is what happened when you hire incompetent people to do the job.


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