Editorial Staff
3 months ago

Editorial Staff
3 months ago

Antigua’s marinas are experiencing a successful season

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Antigua’s marinas are experiencing a thriving start to the winter season of 2023-2024. According to the Minister of Tourism, Charles Fernandez, all of the marinas in Antigua are fully occupied with superyachts, who are also purchasing various services from the marinas.

However, the Foreign Affairs Minister, E.P. Chet Greene, has cautioned that water supply may become challenging in the upcoming dry months, despite the recent rainfall from Tropical Storm Phillipe and Hurricane Tammy that inundated water catchment systems.

Despite the warning, the Antigua Public Utilities Authority (APUA) Water Division is currently capable of producing over 7.5 million gallons of reverse osmosis water and 4 million gallons of potable water from reservoirs and dams. The Minister of Public Utilities, Melford Nicholas, also assured the Cabinet that further reverse osmosis plants will be installed in the next few months and that the stored water supplies should last until Easter.

Furthermore, the plant at Pigeon Point can also provide adequate water supply to moored vessels in Falmouth Harbour and Nelson’s Dockyard. Antigua has seven reverse osmosis plants and two fresh water treatment plants that prepare potable water from stored sources.

The Antigua and Barbuda government has already invested over $100 million to purchase reverse osmosis plants and improve water supply across the country, with more money to be invested in the New Year to ensure adequate water supply to homes, hotels, institutions, and businesses.


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