Editorial Staff
3 months ago

Editorial Staff
3 months ago

Court matter on legality of termination of former police commissioner adjourned

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The High Court is expected to make a final decision regarding the legality of the termination of former Police Commissioner Wendel Robinson, now Alexander.

This follows the hearing of the matter on Monday by Judge Jan Drysdale. Alexander was terminated by the Police Service Commission, through a letter dated 25th November 2019, and in response, he filed a claim in the High Court against the Commission.

The circumstances surrounding his termination were the reports of several police officers who accused him of sexual harassment and victimization, claims which the former police commissioner has denied. During the court proceedings, Wayne Benjamin Marsh, Alexander’s attorney, argued that the Commission acted illegally, in bad faith, and in breach of natural justice while firing his client.

Marsh invited the court to consider several factors, stating that Alexander had already succeeded in his judicial review action against his suspension, and on the same day, the commission suspended him again under the same regulations which the court had already ruled did not apply.

Marsh also argued that despite Alexander’s appeal against his termination to the Public Service Board of Appeal, the commission appointed Atley Rodney as commissioner of police.

On the other hand, the commission was represented by Dr David Dorset, who argued that by the time Alexander was terminated, his relationship with the minister responsible for the police was such that the commission was forced to terminate him in the public interest.

The final decision on the matter is eagerly anticipated and will have significant implications for all parties involved.


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