Editorial Staff
3 months ago

Editorial Staff
3 months ago

Venezuela continues to prepare for December 3 referendum

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The Venezuelan Government has assured that it will proceed with all the necessary arrangements to conduct the consultative referendum requested by the Venezuelan Parliament.

The International Court of Justice (ICJ) recently issued a provisional measure that Venezuela feels to be interventionist and outrageous at the request of the Cooperative Republic of Guyana.

However, while Venezuela has taken note of the ICJ’s pronouncement, it remains committed to its historical stance, as it does not recognize the jurisdiction of the ICJ to resolve the territorial dispute over the Guayana Esequiba.

Venezuela maintains that the Geneva Agreement of 1966 should be the basis for settling the dispute.

In the current case, the Cooperative Republic of Guyana had asked for the consultative referendum to be canceled or modified, to which Venezuela responded that the Court dismissed such a request in its entirety, as it related to a matter of Venezuela’s exclusive domain.

Venezuela is determined to allow its people to express themselves freely on December 3 to decide the issue that it considers internal and of significant importance, namely the territorial integrity of Venezuela.


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