Editorial Staff
3 months ago

Editorial Staff
3 months ago

Police encourage vigilance for the busy Christmas period

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Police Inspector Frankie Thomas

As the Christmas season rapidly approaches, law enforcement officials are urging the public to exercise heightened care and caution within their residences, businesses, and public areas to mitigate the risk of robbery or injury.

Inspector Frankie Thomas, the Police Public Relations Officer, conveyed this advice in a recent interview with state media. “Be aware of bag snatchers, pocket pickers, and other crimes that are normally associated with the busy Christmas season, “Thomas said. 

He also stated that people should avoid walking in poorly lit areas and desist from traveling with large amounts of cash. Vehicle owners should also park in well-lit areas and avoid leaving items in the public’s view.

“Be very cautious, be extremely cause when utilizing ATMS machines at night if the card is not working, move on to another,” the senior officer said.

Given the increased risk of counterfeit currency circulating during the bustling shopping season, he strongly advises you to thoroughly inspect the banknotes you receive

“At this point be alert, pay attention, no the features of your EC currency or any currency for that matter.

Inspector Thomas is also advising homeowners to verify that their doors are securely locked, and it is recommended to leave lights on when departing for an event. Additionally, store proprietors are urged to enhance their vigilance.


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