Editorial Staff
3 months ago

Editorial Staff
3 months ago

New math-focused TV show to debut next year.

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A State media television program is scheduled to air next year, with the aim of improving local pass rates for CSEC Maths.

Discussions on the show will involve teachers, parents, and students, all targeting fifth-formers preparing for exams.

The program seeks to improve on this year’s pass rate of roughly one in four students. According to the Director of Education, Clare Browne, if the same approach is taken, the same results will be obtained.

The show will be hosted by expert math teachers who have been carefully selected, and it is expected to cover 10 concepts each week.

The show is just one of the initiatives being implemented to increase the CSEC Maths pass rate. One of these initiatives included a session where over 100 Maths teachers and education officers gathered to share their experiences and discuss solutions.

The Director of Education stated that conversations with stakeholders would continue to identify challenges.

Existing initiatives, such as the math supplementary programme for fourth and fifth form students, and teacher workshops, will continue alongside these efforts.

Derrick Nicholas, a local Maths tutor, believes that the country’s below than regional average pass rate may be affected by three primary factors.

These include students not having sufficient exposure to all topics, teachers lacking confidence to teach topics, and parents being intimidated and unable to help their children at home.

Nicholas advised that parents familiarize themselves with the topics their children are struggling with and build close working relationships with their teachers.


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