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3 months ago

Editorial Staff
3 months ago

Guyana in mourning for five servicemen lost in helicopter crash

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Guyana is in mourning after receiving news that five of the seven defence force servicemen, who were travelling on a helicopter that went missing on Wednesday, loved when it crashed. Flags across the country are being flown at half-mast.

Leading the tributes for Retired Brigadier Gary Beaton, Colonel Michael Shahoud, Lieutenant Colonel Michael Charles, Lieutenant Colonel Sean Welcome and Staff Sergeant Jason Khan is commander in chief of the Guyana Defence Force (GDF) President Dr Mohamed Irfaan Ali.

Ali called on Guyanese to rally around the grieving families. In a statement Ali said; “My heart pains and drowns in sorrow at the tragic loss of some of our finest men in uniform. The scale of this loss to the families, our country, the GDF and to me personally is immeasurable.

My trusted friends and comrades, my brothers how could this be?” You loved your country above and beyond everything. Country and service were all that mattered to you. I observe with so much honour, the pride you took in putting on your uniform. We became a family bonded in service and brotherhood. I have experienced the love of all of you and it is ripping me apart.”

“My brothers, I embrace your families as mine and will do as much as I can to represent all of you in service to country and family. On kneeling knees, I lift all of you and your families up in prayers and faith.”

Prime Minister Mark Phillips, who is a former chief of staff of the GDF, said the loss of life is a collective blow for all Guyanese. “As a nation, our hearts are heavy with grief upon learning about the tragic helicopter crash that claimed the lives of five brave soldiers,” he said. Opposition Leader Aubrey Norton hailed the deceased servicemen as “patriots” who died in the defence of their country.

“May their spirits rest in peace,” Norton said as he wished the survivors Corporal Dwayne Jackson and Lieutenant Andio Crawford a speedy recovery. Norton said the opposition expects a thorough investigation into the matter to prevent it from happening again.

Former President David Granger also sent condolences to the grieving families saying: “I am particularly saddened at the deaths of these members of the Defence Force who had dedicated their lifetime service to the safety of our citizens, the security of our country and the preservation of our national sovereignty and who died in an aircraft accident while on a military mission.”

“I also send my best wishes for a complete and rapid recovery to the two survivors of the accident − Lieutenant Andio Crawford and Corporal Dwayne Jackson − who were injured in the accident.”

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  1. Steven C Mayers

    The time location and CAUSE of this crash, MUST be INTRICATELY INVESTIGATED
    The deaths of such Patriotic Military and Political Leaders.will cause REPERCUSSIONS. .
    This does not appear to be accidental. There had to be some inside information provided to whoever may be the assailants.
    Whether this was planned by someone enamored or paid by the Venezuelan oil rich land claims, or some local entity with the intent of disgracing the Venezuelan Government, or simply someone with political intentions at home in Guyana, method and MOTIVES must be determined. .
    Bear in mind that the target could have been one or more of the victims, with the rest considered collateral damage, or “BroughtAh” as the old people say.


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