Editorial Staff
3 months ago

Editorial Staff
3 months ago

Repeat prison escapee still at large

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Josh Joyce

By Zaya Williams


A prisoner who escaped from His Majesty’s Prison on Friday morning is still yet to be found.

The prisoner identified as Josh Joyce managed to escape from His Majesty’s Prison at around 8:45 am sparking an intensified search by law enforcement.

However, their search has been unsuccessful.

The police and prison authorities are therefore seeking the help of the public in finding the Villa man

He was last seen wearing a bright floral color shirt.

This incident marks the second escape for Joyce, who previously fled from minimum security on the night of August 30.

Initially remanded for allegedly receiving stolen goods, Joyce’s case is further complicated by reported mental health issues, as confirmed by prison authorities.

Several months ago, he escaped from a container that was deemed not completely secure, as he was considered low risk at the time.

In the recent escape, Joyce is reported to have scaled the prison walls.

As authorities launch a thorough investigation into the circumstances surrounding the escape, the police are actively engaged in a search operation to locate and apprehend the fugitive.

Anyone knowing his whereabouts is asked to contact any of the  police stations or His Majesty’s Prison at 462-0503.


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