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2 months ago

Editorial Staff
2 months ago

Silver Sands Hotel Coming to Barbuda

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Silversands Grenada

Barbuda, a small yet breathtaking island, is set to become a highly sought-after destination with the arrival of several new hotel properties.

The owner of Silver Sands, Egyptian billionaire Naguib Sawiris, has acquired over 20 acres of land in Barbuda with the intention of constructing a hotel there.

He has also requested an additional 50 acres of land to construct a larger Silver Sands hotel.

Finance Minister and Prime Minister Gaston Browne announced this exciting news over the weekend, stating that these investments are legitimate and will benefit the island’s residents.

Browne believes that the future of Barbuda is excellent and that the country as a whole will have one of the most diversified products within the Caribbean region.

In addition to Sawiris’ investment, there is a high probability that Antigua and Barbuda will land another resort as the government is currently in talks with the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to invest between $80-100 million in another high-end resort.

Browne believes that these investments will provide security for residents and improve their standard of living.

He stated that “Antiguans and Barbudans can now look forward to a hotel job that can bring them salaries and wages that can survive and also support a mortgage.”

Barbuda Rosewood Hotels & Resorts is also planning to expand to the island, which is sure to attract visitors from all over the world.

The Rosewood Barbuda hotel is set to open in 2028 and will embody Rosewood’s guiding “A Sense of Place philosophy” by reflecting the island’s unspoiled beauty and vibrant culture.

Developed by Murbee Resorts, Rosewood Barbuda will have 50 suites and 35 Rosewood Residences. The property will be located on 85 acres of land, including more than 2,950 feet of beachfront.

Rosewood Barbuda will offer the brand’s integrative wellness concept, Asaya Spa, with a range of treatments and experiential offerings that address Rosewood’s five pillars of wellness: emotional balance, fitness and nutrition, physical therapies, skin health, and community.

In addition to the spa’s six treatment rooms, wellness-seekers can also enjoy an expansive fitness center and two pools, including one dedicated to families.

The property will feature three dining outlets, including a farm-to-table restaurant that will showcase the flavors of the island by making use of local produce.

Browne is thrilled about this significant investment, which he said will greatly boost Barbuda’s local economy

With sustainable development at the core of the hotel’s construction, the project will he said will also solidify Barbuda’s position as the destination of choice for the discerning traveler.


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