Editorial Staff
2 months ago

Editorial Staff
2 months ago

New homes at Bolans starting at $180k announced by Housing Minister Maria Browne

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Exciting news! The Ministry of Housing in Antigua and Barbuda is taking a bold step towards fulfilling the growing demand for affordable housing with the construction of brand new homes at CHAPA’s Bolans Development!

These homes are going to be a game-changer, with prices starting at EC$180,000.00.

The project aims to meet the housing needs of the population, with over 70 houses to be built upon completion. And guess what? Some families have already begun moving into their new residences!

CHAPA (Central Housing and Planning Authority) is all set to embark on a similar project in the East, near Glanvilles at Syngyn.

This expansion signifies the government’s dedication to enhancing housing accessibility across various regions of the country.

With these projects, citizens will have access to quality and affordable housing options.


  1. Mae-Mary

    Another acres of agricultural land gone into housing. Our food security is dying slowly. Right now we are running short on chicken and that is Antiguans main meet on their plate and also between two slices of bread.
    Whenever Antiguans migrate to America, Canada and England, they live in housing and apartments complex on one another. Why not do something similar here in Antigua and save the remaining of the agricultural lands. Man must eat just as they need shelters.
    Right there are so much abundant houses around the country that are deteriorating, trees and running wild vines are taking over most of these abundant houses. Citizens had migrated.
    Another thing, people who are earning $350 to $600 weekly can’t afford these houses for $180k, which is majority of the population. Why not make the house rent to own so that the less fortunate can live in proper housing conditions.

  2. Hallelujah Amen

    If you can afford a thousand dollars a month for 15 years go ahead and get one. Sure bet more than 60%of the working population can’t afford it hence they are not low income homes

  3. Awesome

    Happy to see the prices coming down into the more affordable ranges. $1000 per month is better than what most new rentals are trying to charge these days. Some townhouses or row house options would be good for future housing projects.


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