Editorial Staff
2 months ago

Editorial Staff
2 months ago

Homeless man remanded over arson charge

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By Zaya Williams

A homeless man will be spending the Christmas season and the next few months behind bars a having been remanded on an indictable charge of arson.

The man, Kenny Gage is accused of burning down a structure on the corner of North and Popeshead Street on December 10.

Despite the swift response from St. John’s Fire Brigade, who arrived on the scene around 5:45 pm, the building was already consumed by flames and could not be salvaged.

Fire officials in Antigua and Barbuda have expressed concerns about a series of intentional fires occurring in abandoned structures across the country, with suspicions that vagrants are deliberately igniting these vacant properties.

Gage is believed to be one of these individuals and has consequently been arrested and charged with this serious offense.

This morning, he was remanded to prison, awaiting his committal hearing scheduled for February 22.


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