Editorial Staff
2 months ago

Editorial Staff
2 months ago

Barbuda Airport to be opened soon for private jet landings by the new year.

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The Barbuda Airport development has been a topic of much anticipation and Tourism Minister Charles Max Fernandez recently provided an update on its progress.

According to Fernandez, the airport is close to completion and will be ready for use in a matter of weeks.

The reopening of the airport is expected to have a significant impact on the island’s tourism industry, particularly for high-end travelers who prefer the convenience of private jets.

It will also make it easier for travelers to reach Barbuda directly, eliminating the need for alternative modes of transportation such as helicopters or ferries from Antigua.

The government’s commitment to reopening the airport is aligned with its broader vision to position Barbuda as a premier destination for elite travelers seeking exclusivity and luxury.

The reopening of the airport is not just a logistical milestone but also marks a crucial step toward realizing the full potential of Barbuda’s tourism sector.

With the countdown to the completion date underway, anticipation is mounting among tourism stakeholders, residents, and potential visitors eager to witness the transformation of Barbuda’s accessibility.

The government’s commitment to this strategic infrastructure project reflects its dedication to unlocking the island’s untapped potential and shaping a successful future as a coveted destination for discerning travelers.


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