Editorial Staff
2 months ago

Editorial Staff
2 months ago

Jamaica recorded over 300 earthquakes in 11 months

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Between January and November of this year, more than 300 earthquakes struck Jamaica.

The University of the West Indies’ Earthquake Unit in Kingston reported a total of 327 local earthquakes during this period, with the largest quake of magnitude 5.6 being felt on October 30.

Out of all the recorded earthquakes, 12 were reported to the unit as felt. The October 30 earthquake produced a moderate maximum intensity of VI and was located about 10km south of Buff Bay, Portland, with its effects felt across much of the eastern part of the island.

The quake caused power outages and moderate to heavy structural damage in various areas of the island, and several aftershocks were felt in the hours that followed.

The number of recorded earthquakes this year is higher than in previous years, as the several aftershocks that followed larger recorded local earthquakes caused this increase.

The Earthquake Unit stated that this is normal whenever a significant earthquake occurs.


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