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2 months ago

Editorial Staff
2 months ago

JCI Antigua honors outstanding achievers in various fields

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JCI Antigua recently celebrated the achievements of ten outstanding individuals in various fields as part of their Youth Empowerment Programme (YEP).

In a ceremony held last night at Casa Palmadita these individuals took home YEP awards.


Lucia Molyneaux – Phenomenal Leader Award

Lucia has been a dedicated leader in the Pentecostal Crusaders and Pentecostal Youth Ministry for over 15 years. As the youngest member of her local church’s leadership team, she provides guidance and support to young people in various aspects of their lives.


Elesha George – Media Trailblazer Award

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An award-winning investigative journalist with over 10 years of experience, Elesha has made significant contributions to media platforms in the region. She is the founder of Island Press Box and Wadadli Unplugged, focusing on environmental impact stories related to climate change.


Jo-Anna Moore – Education Exemplar Award

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Jo-Anna, a teacher at Ottos Comprehensive School, specializes in Economics and Office Administration. Her commitment to supporting students, especially those considered misfits, has earned her recognition, including the OCS 2022 Teacher of the Year.


Malik Smith – Musical Maestro Award

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Malik, Vice-Captain of Panache Steel Orchestra and keyboardist for Ras Juba and The Root Kulcha Band, has showcased exceptional talent in music from a young age.


Alaina Gomes – Mental Health and Wellness Advocate Award

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Alaina, a Counseling Psychologist with certifications in Child Behavior and Suicide Prevention, has actively worked to create awareness, normalize mental health discussions, and provide psychosocial interventions in Antigua and Barbuda.


Canice James – Information Technology Innovation Award

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Canice, a passionate software engineer and innovation advocate, has led teams to develop impactful solutions, win international UN hackathons, and contribute to the growth of Antigua and Barbuda’s software industry.


Rogierre Emanuel – Enterprise through Entrepreneurship Award

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At just 24, Rogierre is the creator, owner, and operator of ProdiGii Concepts. Her projects, such as “The Pure Allegiance Collection,” aim to highlight the uniqueness of Antigua & Barbuda and promote national pride.


Kahendi Jackson – Culinary Excellence Award

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Kahendi’s journey from disliking cooking to becoming a skilled chef reflects his genuine talent and dedication. He aims to share his love for culinary arts with his extended family and beyond.


Adolfo Pena Jr. – Action in Agriculture Award

Adolfo, an educator with over 17 years of experience in agriculture and farming, actively promotes responsible agriculture and mentors the next generation of agricultural professionals.


Kristine Louisa – Courage to Care Humanitarian Award

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Kristine’s dedication to non-profit organizations like HALO, Youth Today, Kiwanis Hawksbill, Scrub Life Cares, and the Antigua and Barbuda Sickle Cell Association earned her recognition for her humanitarian efforts.


These outstanding individuals received well-deserved accolades for their contributions to various fields, showcasing the diverse talents and achievements of young Antiguans.

The inaugural YEP awards first took place in 2016, where it was thought to honour the youth in various fields that are oftentimes overlooked. This has been ongoing ever since.


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