Editorial Staff
2 months ago

Editorial Staff
2 months ago

Anthony Stuart Quits Active Politics

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Anthony Stuart

By Aabigayle McIntosh


The Democratic National Alliance (DNA) is facing an uncertain future as it grapples with internal challenges.

The party has been experiencing a steady decline in popularity over the recent weeks, and the situation has taken a more unfavorable turn with the departure of one of its founding members, Anthony Stuart.

Stuart, who has unsuccessfully contested two election cycles on behalf of the DNA, has announced his retirement from active politics and is now advocating for the party’s dissolution.

In a recent state media interview, Stuart expressed his belief that a formal resignation announcement was unnecessary.

His departure from the party has further complicated the already volatile situation within the DNA, raising questions about the party’s ability to maintain unity and remain a viable political force.

 It remains to be seen how the DNA will navigate these challenges and move forward in the coming weeks and months.

“The DNA would have done well to present to this nation some decent upstanding young people who now have moved into other parties and are making their presence felt in the other two major political parties.

“My leader knows where I stand, so it would mean any surprise for her, so I would not be submitting any letter of resignation I am not about nailing anybody or making anybody feel any kind of way.

Stuart is adamant that the time has come for him to take a back seat.

“From my vision of politics, I could have made a tremendous contribution to this country but in Antigua and Barbuda politics is about red and blue,” Stuart.

In recent years, DNA has experienced substantial setbacks, marked by the departure of numerous prominent members.

The sustainability and prospects of the party are now being scrutinized as concerns arise about its continued viability.


  1. Mae-Mary

    Stuart, if it’s now you realized that politics in Antigua and Barbuda is “red and blue” then you really need to leave politics alone. Only God alone can change the mindset of the people in how they see politics in the twin island state.
    I would love to know which political parties the former DNA candidates have aligned themselves with?

  2. tranjiana

    That’s too bad that the members of the DNA didn’t have the patience and unity needed to play the long game. There have been third parties in other countries that have eventually won even after polling low for several elections. People will only switch if they have a lot of confidence the party might win. They could have continued to comment on national issues and more importantly started community projects in different areas e.g. open community centres with youth employment agencies, classes etc. Once they would have proven that they are serious and capable of transforming one or two communities then people might have given them a chance…


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