Editorial Staff
2 months ago

Editorial Staff
2 months ago

Police Searching for Stone Throwing, Gun Slinging, Suspicious Youngsters in Nut Grove

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Police are on the lookout for a group of young men who were in a stone-throwing brawl in Nut Grove recently.

According to reports, several young men were seen running down the road in that community, throwing stones at each other.

Shortly after, a loud explosion like a gunshot was heard, and after a witness went to check his vehicle, he observed a small hole in the right rear light resembling a bullet hole

Police say they examined the vehicle and indeed, there was a hole in the right-hand side

Several persons were interviewed, but no useful information was obtained.

A search was carried out for the suspicious young men without success.


  1. Mae-Mary

    Parents please pray for your children. Satan is using our children to cause havoc on each other and the society as a whole. Yes, we are living in the last days before the coming of Jesus Christ and we as parents can’t afford Satan and his demons to use our children to do his will on mankind. Parents fight for our children through spirit warfare. We need to bring down Satan stronghold in Antigua and Barbuda. The fathers in Antigua and Barbuda need to step up and be a more positive role model to your sons, especially. A father prayer is the most powerful prayer in any country. Fathers get up off the street corners and out of the bars and pray for you sons. Teach your sons how to pray and seek God. Satan is afraid of a father prayer.

    • Anonymous

      Heaven help us all.

  2. Verla

    I think young people need more to do to help keep them off the streets. In the previous generation, kids were distracted by watching a lot of T.V. That might not have been the best use of time, but it was something to do and most of the shows had good values. Nowadays, that is not the case. Traditional curated T.V. is gone so they watch whatever is pushed on them on social media and most of what is produced today is degenerate. A person would have to try hard to search for good content, and kids are not going to search for what is good automatically. We as a society need to QUICKLY find wholesome activities to keep kids occupied in our communities. Just building sports facilities is not enough. We need clubs, classes etc. for sports, art, music, community service etc. run and monitored by responsible adults that the kids can participate in for a few hours a week readily available.


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