Editorial Staff
2 months ago

Editorial Staff
2 months ago

Gov’t to Tackle Youth Violence Head on in 2024

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Members of the Two Drilly gang

​Prime Minister Gaston Browne has sounded a word of caution about increasing incidents of violence involving our youth.

In his New Year address, the prime minister said the matter saddens him and all responsible adults in the country, admitting that the issue has spiraled in other parts of the Caribbean with homicides rising and parents terrified for their children.

“This phenomenon must find no welcome here. The rise in youth violence could blight all our social and economic advancement. That’s why all of us must come together to convert the energy and aspirations of our youth into focused and disciplined pursuit of better lives,” he said

Residents have been urged to encourage young people to pursue education and training and seek employment opportunities that offer honest earnings.

According to PM Browne, these earnings can then be used to buy property, invest, and contribute to their families and country.

It has been suggested that young people be helped to pursue productive and worthwhile activities that make them feel proud, and that their nation can honor them for.

The government is investing in schools and scholarships to provide education and training opportunities to all, while also establishing and funding an Entrepreneurial Development Fund worth millions of dollars to support entrepreneurship, particularly youth entrepreneurship.

Furthermore, the prime minister says the government is attracting investments that create jobs and small business services that generate income.

Despite the numerous opportunities available to our youth, any delinquent or violent behavior on their part is unacceptable.

All stakeholders, starting with parents, must intervene urgently and continuously to prevent this worrisome trend from growing.

Everyone must actively participate in redirecting the development of our youth towards areas that will bring them social acceptance and personal rewards.

By 2024, through the existing investments, more employment opportunities will be created, and business will continue to flourish, making it another pillar of hope and prosperity for all in our nation.


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