Editorial Staff
2 months ago

Editorial Staff
2 months ago

Victim Concerned Over Unfulfilled Box Transactions, Calls for Police

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An individual who was the victim of a financial transaction has come forward to warn the public about a young lady who is advertising box services on Facebook.

This victim had initiated a box with the young lady earlier this year, but unfortunately, their experience has been disheartening and unfulfilling.

The box was supposed to conclude in early December, but as the month comes to a close, the victim claims to have yet to receive their rightful payment.

The lack of communication from the young lady has left the victim exasperated. Furthermore, attempts made by the victim to contact her directly have been met with responses from an assistant via WhatsApp.

The victim alleges that phone calls are consistently rebuffed.

The young lady appears to avoid confrontation by purposefully not showing up to arranged meetings with clients.

Instead, her assistant handles all communication with aggrieved clients, which often results in false promises and misleading information.

The victim feels frustrated and helpless, stating that they are a victim at this point and that the police need to start looking into the young lady. The victim believes that they are not alone in their plight.

Despite the victim’s efforts to remain patient, they find themselves grappling with the reality that, as December nears its end, the promised funds have not materialized.

The victim hopes to raise public awareness and urges caution when engaging in financial transactions.

They implore individuals to exercise discretion and to be wary of entering into agreements with the young lady in question, citing their own unfortunate experience.

The victim feels helpless and considers the potential consequences of taking matters into their own hands, stating, “If I go there and rough her up, I am the one going to be in trouble when it’s my own money.”


  1. Anonymous

    Throw box with black people. You’ll must be crazy. Lol

    • Norissa panthier

      I was never intrested in that box scam cause i saw that was coming ,too many People fall for these kind of scammers Who comes in different form they cant catch me never at all


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