Editorial Staff
2 months ago

Editorial Staff
2 months ago

The PM Frustrated with Apartment Owner Regarding the Issue of Sewage Water.

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Community members have expressed serious concerns regarding the Epicurean Drive apartment complex, which is believed to be releasing raw sewage water.

This water is making its way onto Lauchland Benjamin Drive and settling on the popular by-road.

On Saturday’s Browne and Browne Show, Prime Minister Browne also expressed dissatisfaction with the tardiness of public health officials in not ordering the facility to be closed until the issue is resolved.

The prime minister revealed that the business owner has allowed raw sewage to flow onto the government road, and this has been brought to the attention of both the Central Board of Health and the Development Control Authority.

As far as the Cabinet is concerned, these agencies need to take strong action against the individual responsible.

They have been warning him for months, and the situation has only worsened. Despite making several promises, he has not taken any action, so the agencies have been asked to increase their efforts.

The prime minister stated that the situation puts individuals and families who drive along LBD at serious risk of health problems.

This is because the sewage water can splash onto their vehicles and get onto their clothes or bodies when they return home.

The individual who owns a lot of real estate in Woods is putting profits above the health of Antigua and Barbuda’s people, and this is unacceptable.

The prime minister called out public officials for being afraid to take action against these individuals and said that he had to be on the front line to call them out.

He also mentioned that the problem has been ongoing for months, and no effective action has been taken by the CBH and others.

The department head should issue a letter to lock down the apartments until the problem is resolved.


  1. Mary-Jane

    A lot of people come here and do business easily because there are no reinforcements in the law when they broke it…meaning people do what they please, both foreign investors and local residential investors alike. The law only reinforced for them young men with marijuana.
    In real countries where such problems occurs, that would be closed down after several notice letters from the government Health and Environmental departments went on notice by the business owner.
    Another problem Mr. PM, the sewage system north side of the General Postal Building needs serious attention, also.
    This paragraph in the article stuck out to me. “….The individual who owns a lot of real estate in Woods is putting profits above the health of Antigua and Barbuda’s people, and this is unacceptable….”
    Mr. PM, you’re doing a similarity with the Dunbar’s Agricultural Stations—putting real estate over the country foods security.

  2. Anonymous

    See in Antigua anything go for whoever except for the little man if that was coming from some one yard you would see how fast they get there threatening them but when it comes too people with a little “MONEY ” do as you LIKE “you all REMEmBER the WOMAN ta the BUS STATION how Quickly they got there and take her BUSINESS DOWN.

  3. Teacher for Life

    In this day and age this is absolutely unacceptable! The government needs to put the health and well-being of its citizens over the wealthy and connections. Shut them down until the problem is fixed is the only, and right solution.


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