Editorial Staff
1 month ago

Editorial Staff
1 month ago

PM Browne adds MP Kelvin Shugy Simon and Observer Media Group to Defamation Lawsuit

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​Attorney Dr. David Dorsette, who is representing Prime Minister Gaston Browne in a defamation suit, says Member of Parliament Kelvin Shugy Simon and the Observer Media Group are the latest targets.

The accusations of defamation against these parties are based on material published online, which was initially featured in the online version of the Daily Observer

Dr. Dorsette expressed his astonishment at the lack of caution exercised by those involved, emphasizing that these are serious times requiring mature discussions, not loose lips.

He highlighted that the situation demands responsible journalism and adherence to defamation laws.

According to Dr. Dorsette, Kelvin Shugy Simon, who is the Member of Parliament for St Mary’s South, broadcasted similar defamatory statements via social media.

Dr. Dorsette stated that a pre-action letter is imminent for Mr. Simon, expected to be delivered by today

He criticized the Observer Media Group for republishing the material, stating that they are now also in the firing line for their alleged recklessness.

“All in the firing line,” Dr. Dorsette said, implying that legal action is imminent against Kelvin Shugy Simon and the Observer Media Group.

He accused the media organization of lacking elementary knowledge of defamation laws and suggested they should have exercised more caution before publishing content meaning criminal behavior without adequate proof.

Dr. Dorsette concluded the interview by confirming that pre-action letters are expected to be sent out, with one already in the hands of Pearl Quinn-Williams, and others anticipated to be delivered to the involved parties, including the Observer Media Group, today


  1. Mary.Joe

    Gaston is more criminal than the people he keeps accusing. Gaston, you need to focus on managing the country affairs and stop behaving like a child. Gassy get ready to sue the entire world because we’re coming in like a roaring lion blasting you in every social media platform under different accounts and profiles. Bring it on Gassy!! It’s time for you to vacant the PM office. You’re the worst PM, Antigua and Barbuda ever had. A big spoil , rude, cry baby called Gaston Browne is the head of the government.

    • Really

      The PM and any other citizen of Antigua has the right to defend their name! How dare anyone think they can spread LIES about a person and there are no consequences. Speech is NOT free! The fete-lover-preacherman needs to present PROOF of his assertions. So does the emptyhead “FOOTS” former bank teller who allegedly could not meet loan targets.

      Surely Pearly wouldn’t like someone to tell LIES on her…….after all she told Miss Knight that she’s a “Christian” and Christians don’t practice lying.


      Why y’ll keep speaking in cognito? If yu have evidence to support your claims jus publish them and take the necessary action, or keep yur trap shut. Its the responsible thing to do!


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