Editorial Staff
2 months ago

Editorial Staff
2 months ago

Scam allegations increase for fraud-accused travel agent

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​By Zaya Williams

It is not looking good for former travel agent Michelle Anthony as more and more people come forward to report being scammed by her.

A few days ago, a woman reported to the police that she was defrauded of an undisclosed sum of money by Anthony, the owner of Michy D’s Travel Agency, sometime between October 2021 and November 2022.

Anthony is already facing many fraud charges for allegedly failing to fulfill ticket purchases and misappropriating funds entrusted to her.

The 50-year-old resident of Lightfoot is charged with unlawfully converting $29,031.31 provided by the government on August 25 for personal use.

Furthermore, she stands accused of similar actions, this time involving $1500.00 entrusted to her by a woman on December 1 and 10.

Another victim reportedly suffered financial losses totaling $12,650.00 between August 15 and December 13 due to the defendant’s alleged fraudulent activities.

But although she only faces about three fraud charges, other allegations are being investigated.

One victim reportedly bought three airline tickets valued at EC$5,000 in April for travel to Guyana on December 12, only to discover at the airport that the tickets were never purchased.

Another individual, who reportedly bought a single airline ticket for EC$2,190 in October, faced a similar situation when attempting to check in for the December 12 flight.

In addition, a woman reported a $4,355.80 scam to the police allegedly occurring between November 18 and December 27.

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  1. Mary-Joe

    I guess this Michelle Anthony book their flight, printed their invoice receipt and flight itinerary, then before the 24 hour clock strikes, she canceled their flight. Once you have your booking number who can always check on your flight daily online just to avoid such fraud. I think I watch too much detective movies. Movie are what happens in every day life acted out.


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