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1 month ago

Editorial Staff
1 month ago

Deal Finalized for Cancer Center; First Patient Could be Treated Next Month

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Prominent surgeon Dr. Sir Joseph “Joey” John has confirmed that the government has agreed to sell him the Cancer Center Eastern Caribbean, which is currently closed due to financial difficulties.

The medical facility, located on Queen Elizabeth Highway, was forced to shut its doors last April, causing many patients to seek critical radiotherapy treatment abroad.

In a recent interview with State Media, Dr. John expressed his satisfaction with the acquisition of the healthcare facility.

He has assembled a team that includes an American investment firm with existing healthcare interests.

Dr. John confirmed that all necessary approvals have been secured and the deal is currently being finalized.

He expects the funds to be transferred within the coming week, with immediate plans to reinstate the Radiotherapy Unit to benefit the people of Antigua. He said the deal has already been signed and sealed and once delivered, the first patient could be treated next month

The Radiotherapy Unit has been out of commission since the facility’s closure, and Dr. John’s team is currently assessing whether the existing Swiss machine, an Electa, can be repaired or if a replacement is necessary.

Dr. John has already engaged a European service company for assessment and repairs and expects the unit to be operational by February of this year.

Dr. John is also planning to introduce a new and patented cancer treatment at the Cancer Center, which he believes will be of interest to both local and international patients. He has promised to share more details about the treatment at a later date.

Dr. John presented the proposal to the Cabinet on Wednesday, with the support of two investors. The government had previously obtained parliamentary approval for the compulsory acquisition of the property through eminent domain last year.

This acquisition is expected to bring much-needed relief to those suffering from cancer in the Eastern Caribbean region.


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