Editorial Staff
2 weeks ago

Editorial Staff
2 weeks ago

Government accepts the proposal from Dr. John to buy cancer center

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Antigua and Barbuda’s government has approved renowned surgeon Dr. Sir Joseph “Joey” John’s proposal to purchase the Cancer Center Eastern Caribbean in Antigua.

After being closed for almost a year due to financial difficulties, the center was expected to reopen in February 2024.

The government will not have to pay anything, as Dr. John represents a group of investors who will handle the financial aspect of the center.

Chief of Staff in the Office of the Prime Minister Lionel Max Hurst said on Thursday, “he represents a group of people who have the resources necessary to make the cancer center work. What they have promised to do is to fix the machines that can be fixed, and the ones that can’t be fixed will be thrown out. It won’t cost the Antiguan government.   We will become a shareholder,” Hurst said.

Patients and healthcare professionals are excited about the reopening of the Cancer Center.

Dr. John’s initiative, backed by an American investment firm with healthcare expertise, aims to restore vital cancer care to Antigua and the broader Eastern Caribbean region.

Dr. John’s team is already assessing the existing Swiss Electa radiotherapy unit, and a European service company has been engaged to repair it.

The focus on immediate restoration of essential services prioritizes the needs of Antiguan patients.

Dr. John also hinted at introducing a “new and patented cancer treatment” at the center, raising intrigue and potential for expanded medical options.

The government’s willingness to sell the facility to Dr. John’s team underscores its commitment to improving healthcare access.

While the news of the Cancer Center’s reopening brings undeniable hope, transparency regarding the precise financial plan and long-term sustainability strategy remains crucial.


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