Editorial Staff
1 month ago

Editorial Staff
1 month ago

Well-Respected Attorney says PM Browne Has Strong Defamation Case

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Senior Counsel Anthony Astaphan

By Aabigayle McIntosh

Lead Attorney for the government, Anthony Astaphan SC, is pointing out that there is no question that United Progressive Party (UPP) caretaker, Pearl Quinn Williams, was targeting Prime Minister Gaston Browne with the contents of a placard, which is now the center of a defamation case.

Quinn-Williams, who contested the 2023 general election against Labour Party incumbent MP Charles Fernandez, was participating in a protest at Dunbar’s using the placard, which, according to PM Browne, is defaming his character.

Observer Newsco Limited, which published the said placard, and MP for St. Mary’s South, Kelvin Shugy Simon, have also been dragged into the legal fray. All parties have been notified of the pending suit.

“The law is very clear: if you say all Antiguans or all Barbudans, that group is too large. But when you say that group or organization, members of whom are known to the public, and you make a statement like what’s on the placard, anybody in that cabinet can legitimately sue.

“In this specific case, you have reference to Gaston Browne, and it is an undisputed fact that Gaston Browne is the chair of Cabinet. There is no question that this was destined for Prime Minister Gaston Browne,” he said.

He emphasized that there was no question that the matter was directed at PM Browne. Quinn-Williams has until today to issue a public apology.

That information was outlined in a pre-action letter that was submitted by another of the Prime Minister’s Legal team Dr David Dorsett.

During a recent radio program on Pointe FM 99.1, Browne promised to fiercely protect his reputation.

The prime minister denied all of the allegations of corruption levied against him.

Browne said anyone who “crosses the line…will have to pay.”


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