Editorial Staff
1 month ago

Editorial Staff
1 month ago

Tragic collision case involving teen’s death moves to High Court

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By Zaya Williams


A case where a young woman is alleged to have knocked down a 16-year-old and killed him has been transferred from the Magistrates’ Court to higher court.

Keithanya Elvin of Gunthorpes, is alleged to have engaged in dangerous driving on January 26, 2022, along Tyrells Main Road, resulting in the tragic death of Azorae Pennant.

Reports indicate that on the evening of the incident, the teenager was traveling north on the bustling highway, shortly before 6:30 pm.

During this time, Elvin, operating a Honda CRV in the opposite direction, attempted a right turn.

In an attempt to avoid a collision, the cyclist swerved but unfortunately collided with the vehicle, subsequently being thrown into the path of a pickup truck.

The young boy sustained severe injuries and was promptly rushed to the hospital. He was pronounced dead approximately an hour later.

Following a two-year wait for the completion of the case file, Elvin has been informed that the evidence against her is substantial enough to necessitate the case being presented before a High Court Judge.


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