Editorial Staff
4 weeks ago

Editorial Staff
4 weeks ago

Three men accused of killing Customs official plead not guilty

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From left, Defendants Saleim Harrigan, Lasean Bully and Wayne Thomas (Observer media photo)

​By Zaya Williams


The three men believed to have murdered high ranking customs officer Nigel Christian in 2020 have pleaded not guilty.

Lasean Bully of Cashew Hill; Wayne Thomas of Hatton; and Saleim Harrigan of Greenbay appeared in the High Court this morning and were arraigned before Justice Ann-Marie Smith.

They are implicated in the killing of Christian that occurred on July 10, 2020.

The 44-year-old was abducted from his McKinnons home and was found hours later in the Thibou’s area riddled with bullets.

The men having denied the allegations, will stand trial possibly later this year.

Attorney Andrew O’Kola represents both Bully and Harrigan, and Sherfield Bowen is Thomas’ lawyer.


  1. Lennox

    Where is the fourth man, the other alleged killer of Nigel Christian?? Gaston Browne, you know everything maybe you can answer this question! The public and Nigel’s family need an answer!

  2. Ras Jus

    Nice question
    Perhaps Attorney-at-law Alexander with his police contacts during his time as Police Commissioner can get some info on why that accised was releasef from police custody. . . .yes?


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