Editorial Staff
3 weeks ago

Editorial Staff
3 weeks ago

Youth Intervention takes a different approach to tackle youth violence

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By Aabigayle McIntosh


The Youth Invention Youth has joined forces with the religious community and other collaborators to introduce a novel initiative called “End it How,” aimed at adopting a unique approach to address and manage the challenge of deviant behavior.

Head of the Unit, Police Inspector Claudina Morgan, outlines that the program will consist of two phases: stakeholder involvement and community engagement.

Morgan elaborated, stating, “It is a campaign against youth offending behavior, so there are specific areas that we will focus on through various forums. Discussions will take place within communities, providing diverse presentations to inform individuals.”

Another component of the initiative involves providing guidance and counsel to students transitioning from primary to secondary school, particularly in the areas of career development and goal setting.

Morgan emphasized collaboration with partners and stakeholders in these efforts, stating, “This will be done in conjunction with other partners and stakeholders. We have engaged with education authorities from those areas and will continue to provide support throughout this initiative. It’s not just about us going out and having discussions; it’s a comprehensive approach.”

The program is set to be implemented in Golden Grove and Grays Green.


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