Editorial Staff
4 weeks ago

Editorial Staff
4 weeks ago

Second woman who escaped immigration custody sentenced

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By Zaya Williams

Donalee Salmon has been sent to prison after spending over a week on the run.

In contrast to her fellow escapee, however, she received an additional two weeks for not surrendering.

Magistrate Ngaio Emanuel sentenced Salmon to 7 months and 2 weeks of imprisonment this morning.

The 23-year-old Salmon, along with 30-year-old Tiffanie Stephanie Howell, both Jamaican nationals, broke out of a detention center on January 20.

Reports indicate that they were flagged by immigration upon arrival on the island with one-way tickets and were detained pending deportation.

Despite this, they managed to escape by breaking a window.

 The duo remained on the run for several days before Howell decided to surrender.

On Sunday, she turned herself in, was charged, and brought to court.

She pleaded guilty and was remanded until Tuesday for sentencing at which time she received a 7-month sentence.

Salmon was not captured until Tuesday when she was spotted in Crosbies, and she was sentenced today.

This year’s Combine saw two former Premier League Managers, Micky Adams, and Garry Monk, in attendance, along with scouts from Hartpury and Brookehouse Colleges in the UK, University of District of Columbia in the US, and scouts for the United Soccer League (USL) and Major League Soccer (MLS) teams.

Santos expressed his sincere gratitude to the Foundation for its commitment to the youth of Antigua and Barbuda through its pillars of Sports and Education.

He said that the cost factor involved in bringing these professional scouts together to offer scholarship opportunities to young footballers for international high schools, universities, and colleges, and professional contract opportunities is huge.

However, he thanked CAF for seeing the vision they have at GNFC. CAF’s donation will support the Club’s sporting initiatives for managing the sporting initiatives for 2024 for the CAF Advance Football Academy, which includes coaches’ and players’ uniforms, coaches’ fees, footballs, and other training and sporting gear.

In addition, CAF’s donation facilitates SAT classes for the young players and the staging of the CAF Player Identification Combine.


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