Editorial Staff
3 weeks ago

Editorial Staff
3 weeks ago

Foriegn Affairs Minister suggests consulting with EU on ‘blacklisting’.

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Antigua and Barbuda’s Foreign Affairs Minister, E.P Chet Greene, is championing a better way to deal with financial services matters and avoid the blacklisting of the country.

The Minister proposed a consultative approach with the European Union (EU), stating that Antigua and Barbuda has always favoured consultation on these issues rather than unilateral sanctions imposed by the EU.

The country has been making significant efforts to come to terms with the EU’s requirements, and the issue of blacklisting is concerning for the economy. It’s frustrating to have their hard work not acknowledged and instead be put on the blacklisted countries.

Minister Greene is seeking the support of the German Ambassador to Antigua and Barbuda, Dr. Christoph Eick, to have discussions at the EU level and a consultative approach versus unilateral sanctions.

The Minister believes that with dialogue, they can address the perceived gaps and make the necessary adjustments.

Ambassador Eick is familiar with the issue of blacklisting and recognizes the need for engagement and consultations.

He is also aware of the complaints from many Caribbean capitals about the ‘moving of the goal-posts’ and believes that there cannot be too much consultation on these issues.

Reports from Brussels indicate that the EU has offered consultations, but more can be done to find a sustainable solution.


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